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+99 The Best Stylish Emo Haircuts Hairstyles Ideas

Emo hair styles have become popular more than ever, with men, girls womens from all walks of life following the emo hair cuts, instead the emo hair styles becoming restricted to those in the music genre.

In fact, professional barbers are getting more enthusiasm in creating innovative emo hair women styles, one of the reasons why this genre of hairstyle has become so popular.

Variety of colors and bangs feature in these emo hairstyle girl and womens trend.

Best Stylish Emo Hairstyles & Haircuts

1. The Basic Emo:

If you’re new to the ways of the emo, you should start out with this emo haircut for long hair. All you need is red hair colour and a hair straightener.

i) Start off by getting a layered haircut, and make sure the crown layer is thicker than the lower layer

ii) Colour your bangs bright cherry red and wash out the colour with a mild shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner

iii) After your hair are dry, straighten them and brush your bangs over your forehead for the emo look

2. Emo Waves:

Looking for more girly emo haircuts for short hair? Here is one you’ll love!

i) Get a layered haircut (essential for an emo look)

ii) Colour your whole head of hair with light pink hair colour and then wash it off

iii) Curl your hair loosely with a curler. Don’t curl your bangs!

iv) After straightening the bangs, brush them to one side

Your pink emo waves are ready!

3. The Emo Bun:

This is the perfect emo look for a professional setting. Like The Basic Emo, this look requires you to colour your bangs a different colour than the rest of your hair as well.

Because this look is for when you need to look professional, you needn’t colour your bangs with a bright colour. Use a purple or a wine hair colour if you want.

i) After you’ve coloured your bangs, wash it out and dry thoroughly…

Emo Haircuts Hairstyles Ideas

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